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Alternative Break Trip for Club Sports Team members

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Alternative Break Trip for Club Sports Team members

Why we are raising money?

The Club Sports Council is asking for funding to support club sport athletes on Center for Service and Action “Alternative Break” Trip to Vietnam Summer 2019. 

This is an amazing opportunity for club sport athletes to participate in service learning, bringing back different perspectives and experiences to the Club Sport community. To make this trip accessible to all club sport athletes, the Club Sports Council is raising funds to reduce the amount each athlete needs to pay for the trip. Having club sport athletes go on trip like this benefit the club sports community as well as the whole Cal Poly.

Who are we?

The mission of the Club Sports Program at Cal Poly is to provide a form of athletic and educational activity which is an integral part of collegiate life. It provides a common theme for a diversified student body, faculty, staff, and alumni to operate as partners both inside and outside the community. The Club Sports program at Cal Poly promotes the positive values of physical activity, learned skills, team development, and sportsmanship acquired through participation in competitions and organized activities.

Student-athletes are given a chance to compete against other sport clubs throughout the nation while enhancing their skill level and abilities in their respective sports. The goal of the Club Sports program is to develop a safe, fun, and competitive environment that provides athletes with opportunities to develop their character, experience a recreational and competitive athletic competition at a multitude of skill levels, develop a lifetime appreciation for sport and physical activity, and represent Cal Poly at competitions across the nation.






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