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Help QL+ Build an Exo-Skeleton!

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Help QL+ Build an Exo-Skeleton!

 Quality of Life Plus Student Association (QL+SA) is a club dedicated to engineering a better quality of life for those in need. We achieve this goal through three methods: our formal design projects, quarterly design projects, and our brand new Cybathlon project. Our formal designs gather together 6-8 members to design prostheses and other medical assistive devices for those in need in our community. We run about eight of these projects every year and at the end we provide the individual with the project free of charge! The quarterly design competition is a prototype project with an introductory level of rigor where students receive a medical prompt and create a functional design and model over the course of 10 weeks. Lastly, we have added the Cybathlon project this year. Cybathlon is an international competition in Switzerland where individuals using powered arm and leg prosthesis, exoskeletons, and other assistive technologies compete in a timed obstacle course testing the functionality of the product, along with the capabilities of the “pilot” wearing the device.


We are launching our very own Cybathlon team to build a powered exoskeleton suit that will allow Tamar, a fellow student with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, to walk again and compete in the international Cybathlon Competition. During this past winter quarter, we began training more than 100 students in design software, electrical component design, and molding. This spring we formed a team consisting of 40 students, began researching controls systems and began the design process for the lower body.  

Moving forward this multi-year long project will require additional funds to complete the necessary medical tests to asses Tamar's current biomechanics, purchase materials for the prototype, and purchase components for the final rendition. The powered exoskeleton will consist of a sturdy frame, electron components, a power system, and a self-balancing mechanism. To make a safe, successful, and competitive powered exoskeleton suit we will need to raise additional funds. Your kind gift can help move us closer to our goal of $5,000 which would greatly enhance the education of our students and improve the quality of life of Tamar.

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Tamar's Travel

Tamar has to pay for a private van every time he travels. $30 can help him get to and from meetings each week and help him to make appointments. We will give you a shout out on social media!


Prototyping Costs

We will need money for raw prototyping materials such as 3D printing filament, particle board, adhesive, molding materials etc. For supporting QL+ and Tamar, we will feature your name or company on our website.


Motors and Controls Components

The current design intends to use EMG sensing pads to connect to Tamar’s nerves in order to fire the motors for movement and support. For your kind donation, we will put your social media handles on our club-wide email list.


Gate Analysis & Bone Scan

To design a system to fully fit Tamars body we will be running a bone density scan and Biomechanical Gait analysis to create specifications for our model. Tamar and the QL+ Officers will give you a guided tour of the QL+ Laboratory on campus.


Frame and Ankle Supports

In addition to the control system, the exoskeleton will need to have structural support. Raw materials are our largest expense and will quickly surpass $300. In addition to all other benefits offered, Tamar and the QL+ Officers will send you a signed photo book showing the progress your kind donation has helped to move us forward.

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