WITH US Center for Bystander Intervention

Support research on bystander intervention, binge drinking, hazing, sexual assault, and other student health issues.

WITH US Center for Bystander Intervention

WITH US — Center for Bystander Intervention is a national, multi-issue bystander intervention research center committed to addressing critical social issues impacting the health, safety and success of college students. Based at Cal Poly, WITH US is led by a team of experienced faculty researchers, prevention practitioners, and student affairs leaders.

WITH US works alongside the National Network for Peer Accountability, a collaborative prevention coalition, to create safer campus communities through empirical research and evidence-based practice.

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Our Story

In 2008, during his freshman year, Carson Starkey lost his life from alcohol poisoning during a hazing incident. Unequipped with the right skills and knowledge, his fraternity brothers failed to intervene. His parents, Scott and Julia Starkey, committed themselves to protecting students from similar and preventable tragedies.

Through establishing Aware Awake Alive, a national non-profit dedicated to alcohol poisoning prevention, the Starkey family made it their mission to equip youth and their communities with the tools and confidence to take care of each other. Aware Awake Alive and the Starkey family have worked tirelessly to educate students on making better choices around alcohol in honor of Carson and others who have lost their lives due to binge drinking.


The Starkey family, dedicated to creating safer and healthier communities, wanted to find a way to address the many other critical issues facing students and their campuses. To broaden the influence and mission of Aware Awake Alive and build upon their successful peer-to-peer education and intervention model, a new organization was established: WITH US — Center for Bystander Intervention. WITH US continues to uphold the vision and mission of the Starkey family, with Aware Awake Alive as its signature program.

Why Give?

As a non-profit organization at Cal Poly, donor support is essential to continue our work. We offer our resources and educational materials for free to students and educators that need them.

We need your help to continue funding our educational programming, critical bystander research, and Learn By Doing student internship program. These hands-on internships create opportunities for Cal Poly students to contribute to our cause, participate in research, and help ensure our programs are relevant to today’s college student.

What We Do

As a national research center, WITH US and its Prevention Partners are committed to the education and empowerment of bystanders. Bystanders are witnesses to a harmful or potentially harmful event, and many students in higher education at one time or another will act as bystander. By giving student bystanders the proper tools to intervene, WITH US seeks to address critical social issues including:

  • Sexual assault and intimate partner violence.
  • Hate, bias and discrimination.
  • Hazing.
  • Alcohol and other drug misuse.

By inspiring student bystanders to be ‘UPSTANDERS’ that take action to help others, WITH US hopes to empower students to protect their friends, peers, and community.

OUR MISSION is to create safe campus communities where all students can thrive.

OUR VISION is to empower peer-led movements of proactive bystander intervention.


  • Outreach: Foster collaborative and multidisciplinary partnerships through the National Network for Peer Accountability.
  • Education: Provide training and education programs designed to empower proactive bystander behavior among students.
  • Research: Lead and contribute to new prevention research, program assessment, and innovative education solutions.
  • ‍Resources: Provide evidence-based bystander intervention resources to support campus communities in their prevention efforts.


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Your gift will directly fund our lifesaving bystander intervention research, student internships, education programs, and awareness campaigns.

WITH US is supported by Cal Poly and is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Taxpayer Identification Number 54-6001796). Gifts to WITH US at Cal Poly are considered tax-deductible.

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