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As Cal Poly’s award-winning, student-run news organization, Mustang News – previously Mustang Daily – has kept the Cal Poly student body and community informed on current events for over 100 years. The efforts of the students who run and operate this media group have led Cal Poly students to remain up-to-date on developments both on-campus and in the greater San Luis Obispo County. Mustang News exemplifies Cal Poly’s Learn by Doing motto, allowing students with an interest or passion in journalism to work as a team to manage, edit, and shape a modern-day news organization.

Their passion and dedication have never been more apparent. The outbreak of the COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all Cal Poly students, with classes moving exclusively to remote instruction. Despite this, the students of Mustang News have continued to work tirelessly to report on evolving situations -- such as the COVID-19 outbreak and the recent protests -- in true Learn by Doing fashion.

Mustang News is providing the community with daily live updates on COVID-19 and the recent protests in San Luis Obispo and at Cal Poly – all of which can be viewed at With campus shutting down and local businesses closing, Mustang News’ students’ capability to disseminate information throughout this situation is increasingly at risk. Currently, their ability to get paid advertisements from local and campus businesses has been greatly impaired, significantly harming their primary source of financial support. Now, more than ever, preserving the spread of information – and allowing our students to still pursue a Learn by Doing education – is paramount. We ask you to consider making a gift to Mustang News. Your support will work to keep students informed by keeping this long-standing, well-loved news organization alive.

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