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Health and Counseling Services

Supporting students access to quality care is paramount, especially during these challenging times. It is imperative, now more than ever, that we work to further prioritize the physical and mental health of all students -- whether remote or in the San Luis Obispo community.

Access to quick and high-caliber health care during these times is paramount, especially for students who may not have the means to get themselves to a hospital. Further, as students practice social distancing find themselves disconnected from their social support systems the need for counseling becomes ever important. Throughout this situation, Cal Poly's Health & Counseling Center is committed to remaining open in order to serve the many students who remain in San Luis Obispo. The personnel staffing the Health & Counseling Center work tirelessly to to ensure that all Cal Poly students receive quality health care and mental health counseling at little-to-no out of pocket expense as well as providing both over-the counter and prescription medication at significantly reduced costs. 

Thank you in advance for making a difference in the lives of students during this difficult time and showcasing the positive impact of the Cal Poly Community.

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