Kennedy Library Transformation

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Kennedy Library Transformation

The Cal Poly Kennedy Library is the heart of Cal Poly. With over one million visitors a year, it serves all students, faculty, staff, and community members outside of Cal Poly with resources and collaborative spaces for group projects and interaction. 

Kennedy Library is over 40 years old and needs significant system upgrades. During the summer of 2023, the building was vacated for major renovations: a refreshed building with new flooring, painting, acoustical ceilings, signage, an expanded café on the First Level, a courtyard with more convenient access to flexible classroom spaces, seismic and fire safety improvements, and greater thermal comfort with air conditioning. All Library services and librarians relocated across campus and we continue to offer all services.

Kennedy Library is seeking donations to cover additional projects, including the construction of more inclusive room/space options so the exchange of ideas and creative activities will flourish. Donations will help achieve aspirational goals, going beyond what can be accomplished within the available budget. 

Help us improve Kennedy Library to match the ingenuity for which Cal Poly is known by giving us your financial support. 

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